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The Ugly Truth of “Toxics in, Toxics Out” 

Many ingredients in personal care products and common cleaning products we've grown to trust are harmful to our health. As consumers, why would we want such products around us, our families, or our pets? The problem is that most consumers are not aware of the hidden dangers they present to our health. Nor are we aware how pervasive these health threats are.

The Story of Stuff Project
have produced this thought provoking video about how toxic chemicals are ingredients in everyday products - using the cosmetic industry as an example. This process relates equally to the cleaning industry. 

The Venus Project - Paradise or Oblivion

Masdar City - Abu Dhabi in Brave New World with Stephen Hawking episode 3
Tour Masdar city with Tara Shine, environmental scientist

Welcome to Masdar City, Abu Dhabi - city of the future

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