National Asthma Council Australia
The NAC is the lead agency for asthma and associated conditions:
  • providing the latest information on asthma to health professionals directed at improving their quality of care
  • conducting and evaluating the delivery of national public awareness and education campaigns
  • being the national communicating authority on asthma
  • gathering, refining and disseminating information on asthma
  • taking on the role of a catalyst for change to facilitate improvement in the standards of asthma care and management.

Zoos Victoria
Zoos Victoria are a not-for-profit conservation organisation dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction - through breeding and recovery programs for threatened species and by working with visitors and supporters to reduce threats facing endangered wildlife.

ECO-Buy Limited is a not for profit Centre of Excellence in Environmental Purchasing, established to encourage purchasing of environmentally preferable green products and services. ECO-Find is a comprehensive online directory of independently assessed green products and suppliers. Prior to listing on ECO-Find, ECO-Buy requires suppliers of green products and services to provide evidence that they meet the relevant ECO-Find criteria. More information here   

Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) 

RSPO promotes the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products through credible global standards and engagement of stakeholders. EcoFuture are supply chain members, the first in our industry.
More information here 

No palm oil
We are proud to be associated with a product that is completely palm oil - free. Refusing unsustainable palm oil is crucial to saving the endangered species threatened by burning and clearing of their native forest habitat for palm oil cultivation and production. We urge our customers and all decision-makers to consider this important criteria when making informed and conscious procurement decisions. 

EcoFuture will continue to advocate for palm oil - free products across our own product category and others, until the balance between economic growth and environmental production is restored, and the time when sustainably produced palm oil becomes viable. We support the Australian Orangutan Project. More information here 

Businesses for a Clean Economy
EcoFuture is a signatory to Businesses for a Clean Economy. The objectives for a B4CE initiative are to:

  • Provide a united businesses voice in support on carbon pollution
  • Develop shared messaging on a price on carbon that supportive business can use to counter negative messaging
  • Provide informed factual information about the impacts of a price on carbon including the benefits to Australian business
  • Provide an alliance for other business to join who ordinarily wouldn’t have a voice. More information here  

2 Degrees 
2degrees is the world leading online community of over 17,800 sustainability professionals from over 90 countries. More information here 

Digital Pacific
Our websites are hosted on Digital Pacific servers, our eco-web host. Everything DP uses across their business operations including servers, routers and air conditioners are eco-powered, showing our shared commitment to a more sustainable world

Eco-Business is a leading portal for Asia Pacific’s clean tech and sustainable business community,

Our business cards and promotional material are printed by PrintTogether, using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks.

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